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The website functions as an online archive assembling contributions produced within the framework of the art, science & business program at Akademie Schloss Solitude over the last ten years. The program was initiated in 2002 and promotes the dialog between the fields of art, science and economy. It is based on the idea that these three disciplines should not be viewed as discrete, but instead as complementary activities.

To initiate this transdisciplinary dialog, the program develops central topics that function as a platform for discursive encounters which are held in the form of symposia, lecture series, and workshops, often in cooperation with other institutions. The online archive is a compilation of these focal themes, organized along an index with individual terms related to these central topics as well as a list of authors. Topics included diverse rubrics such as Dealing with Fear (2007–2009), Design of the In/Human (2009–2010), Chronicles of Work (2011–2014), Authorship (2015–2016), Biographies & the Production of Space (2016–2017).