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Arabic Poetry - Today
Reading and Talk with Qassim Haddad and Stefan Weidner
Qassim Haddad
08. May 2012
This evening presents one of the most important voices of the contemporary Arabic literature, Qassim Haddad, together with the German author, translator, and literary critic Stefan Weidner. One year after the so-called »Arab Spring«, they will discuss today’s situation of the Arabic countries in an Arabic-German dialog, especially concerning the role of literature and poetry. The dialog will be enriched by the reading of poems by Qassim Haddad, which were recently translated into German.
Finally, Qassim Haddad will talk about the relationship between literature and other art disciplines, e.g. music and visual arts, as well as about his recent projects. Qassim Haddad, at the moment Jean-Jacques Rousseau Fellow of the Akademie Schloss Solitude, was born in Bahrain in 1948; the poet is a central figure in the Gulf region and the founder of the internet forum for Arabic literature
A cooperation between Akademie Schloss Solitude and Literaturhaus Stuttgart.
Entrance fee: Euro 9,- / 7,- / 4,50,-
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