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15. January 2015


»ART BUSINESS COACHING«, short ABC, is a project addressing agents from arts, design, private sector and administration who are interested in interdisciplinary exchange. As a continuation of the project »Art Coaching« that was accomplished in 2013 as »coaching for creatives« at Akademie Schloss Solitude, ABC brings together managers and creatives in coaching teams and promotes a dialog across practical limitations. Participants will work in pairs, playing the roles of both the coach and the coachee. Each contributes a question from their particular perspective, points out a problem or brings a project – and at the same time, they both bring the practical experience of their specific field: creative solutions on the one hand, economic problem solving on the other.
The basic idea behind the »coaching« in ABC is to exceed mere exchange by learning from each other and by offering the counterpart an outside perspective on their own practice. The possibility to irritate one’s own practice with a different reference system, different conduct, and different success stories is considered as beneficial. Ideally, the meetings result in »applied artistic research« in the sense of the development of new economic knowledge through aesthetic means – or relevant management perspectives on practice oriented challenges in the creative sector.


The teams will work together for a period of six months. The subject of the coaching will be a particular question, a specific problem or a planned project that every participant brings individually. Common projects resulting from the work within the pairing are possible but not mandatory. For example, a possible question for managers could be how creativity and innovation could be fostered in their company. On the other side, creatives might show an interest in how to commercialize a project or how to make a project economically sustainable. Ideally, the participants share insight into their workspace, e.g. studio and office visits.

A jury composed of the economic and cultural sector chooses the participants for three pairings. In an initial meeting on February 27, 2015 those pairings will meet for the first time. After three months in May, a halftime meeting with all participants will take place and after six months a final meeting is planned. All those meetings will be held at Akademie Schloss Solitude, in the meantime the pairings can organize individual meetings.


Interested parties from the economic and cultural sector are invited to apply with a concept of a project. The application should also include a letter of motivation and a current CV. A crucial requirement for participation is the commitment to the mutual project and the interest in actively maintaining a close coaching relationship during the project period.

The application deadline is January 15, 2015.

Please submit your electronic application to Sophie-Charlotte Thieroff,

Initiated by Olaf Bach, corporate consultant, guest professor at the Weißensee-Kunsthochschule Berlin, and Julia von Leliwa, freelance costume designer, both former fellows of Akademie Schloss Solitude.

For further information, please contact Sophie-Charlotte Thieroff, coordinator of the art, science & business program:
Tel: +49 (0) 711–99619–135