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Basir Mahmood "I Won't Leave You Till I Die"
26. January 2012 - 11. March 2012
On Thursday, January 26, 2012, the Akademie opens the first exhibitions in 2012. Maren Geers and Basir Mahmood will present their latest works and during the evening, further video works from current fellows can be seen. The writer Franziska Gerstenberg will read "Prose Miniatures", very short stories that usually fit on a postcard, which she started to write during her stay at Solitude.

Basir Mahmood
I Won't Leave You Till I Die

Basir Mahmood’s (*1985 in Lahore/Pakistan) video installation "I Won't Leave You Till l Die" explores the aesthetics of documentaries. The absent elements in his three channel video installation seem to be more important than the present ones. On each of the three screens, the viewer sees a single man who is engaged in an incomprehensible struggle. But only when combined mentally, the characters start to be engaged in a combat with each other.

The second work "We Have Been Ruled By Many“ is a response to the locally documented history of the artist’s homeland Pakistan. The work shows an absence of people from their own written history, which puts an emphasis on the fact that the land was ruled

Maren Geers
Kontakt zu einsamen Pflanzen (In contact with lonely plants)

The stage designer Maren Geers (*1979 in Olpe) deals with the flood of choices we are usually confronted with in our daily lives. Her installation engages the viewer and draws him into a different world.

“I used one leg and then the other one. I looked around and took a breath. I watched the sunset and avoided direct solar radiation. I got in contact with lonely plants and left my luggage, ignoring the security warning: ’Please, don't leave your Iuggage unattended!’“.

The exhibition is on view from Friday, January 27 to Sunday, March 11, 2012.

Opening hours:
Tues-Fri 10am-12am & 2pm-4pm, Sat-Sun 12am-4pm

Guided tour:
On Sunday, February 19, 3 pm, the art historian Stephan Pohl guides the visitors through the exhibitions.