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Laura Straßer »Back from China – Travel Diary«
10. April 2014 20:00 - 25. May 2014 17:00

On Thursday, April 10, 2014, the Akademie opens the first solo exhibitions in 2014. On view are videos and installations of Danielle AdairShirin Sabahi and Laura Straßer

During the opening night, the Hungarian author and literary theorist Kinga Tóth will present a group performance with music and exhibition based on her poetry book ZSÚR from 2013. 

With Andreas Bolm, Claudia Gehre, Daniela Leykam, Gergely Molnár, Robert Phillips and Kinga Tóth. 

Danielle Adair
And I Think I Like It.

And I Think I Like It. is a collection of thirteen »video-song-poems«, which include original text, sound and animations. The American video and performance artist Danielle Adair (*1981 in Traverse City, MI/USA) started this collection in 2011 as a respond to the anxiety, ennui and similarly induced freedoms within the US political landscape over the last two years – namely, the US Presidential re-election years. Many of the »video-song-poems« first began as interactive performances featured at various events  within Los Angeles, CA/USA. The series has later been screened with a live accompanying performance in Los Angeles, London/UK, Paris/France and Friedrichshafen/Germany. Furthermore, a selection has appeared in a number of artist magazines.

The video installation has been realized with the kind support of the Cultural Center for Innovation (CCI ARC grant).

Shirin Sabahi
A Trip Well Travelled

Shirin Sabahi (*1984 in Teheran/Iran) works as an artist and filmmaker in Berlin. She presents two film projects; one of which was filmed in the Wilhelma (zoo and botanical garden in Stuttgart/Germany). Seen from the outside, the greenhouse structure and its contents seem to be animated for the camera. In their new setting, the plants transform into fine objects. Traveling is an important aspect of Shirin Sabahi’s camera related work, hence the other film on display is a direct outcome of this change of local, where arbitrary reminiscences of trips linger afterward as photographs, postcards and other documents. The exhibition is an invitation to look at various surfaces, seen while passing through or during stays in between.

Laura Straßer
Back from China – Travel Diary
Chinese Salon – Findings from China

For the past three years, the porcelain designer Laura Straßer (*1981 in Frankfurt am Main) has traveled for one or two months to Jingdezhen/China where porcelain was invented more than 1.000 years ago. Every time she goes, she is fascinated by this place with its bustling activity and the craftsmanship, which can be admired in many small factories. 

When she arrives her bags are almost empty, when she returns though, they are filled with a selection of small and big found objects. Back in her workshop in Weimar/Germany, they serve as reminders, inspiration, and often as a starting point for new projects. They translate anecdotes and curiosities from the century long tradition of porcelain to the product world from today.

On view: Friday, April 11 to Sunday, May 25, 2014
Opening hours: Tue–Fri 10–12 am & 2–4 pm, Sat–Sun 12–5 pm