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Current Exhibitions at Akademie Schloss Solitude
17. May 2018 19:00

From May 18. until June 29, 2018 the Akademie shows two solo exhibitions by Devin Jernigan and Enoch Cheng as well as Rethinking Affordance, an exhibition curated by Ashley Scarlett und Martin Zeilinger. 

Enoch Cheng

Following upon his previous two film works, Enoch Cheng continues the recurring themes on migration and extinction. Shifting in various locations such as botanical gardens, butcher, museums and virtual space, this multi-channel audio visual installation explores the notions of home and where one resides. Instead of a linear narrative, this film rides on rhythm and sound to present a journey in which its destination is not guaranteed, similar to how one's identity is a process of evolution. 

Devin Jernigan
The Rat House

The Rat House is a live view inside an exposed, wood stud, wet, and rat-infested wall. It is as well an assault on our preconceived notions of architecture through the very walls they were built with. The Rat House perturbs the way we see any and all walls around us by subverting them; and making them become: maligned material layers, helpless productive systems, and unavoidable voids. At a time in architecture's development where cleanliness and righteousness is the utmost priority for acceptance and praise, The Rat House is an unrelenting act – a sleeping amble – of unapologetic non-cooperation.

Soundtrack by James Krendel-Clark
Animation Rigging by Stephan Henrich 

Martin Zeilinger & Ashley Scarlett
Rethinking Affordance – Affordanzen neu denken

Featuring works by: Bryan Cera (US/CAN), Foci+Loci (US), FRAUD (UK), Sebastian Schmieg (GER), Situated Systems (US), Jol Thompson (CAN/UK), and Martin Zeilinger (AUT/UK).

Curated by Ashley Scarlett and Martin Zeilinger

Artists and designers have always played a central role in exploring and shaping the ‘affordances' – the possible scientific, commercial, or rhetorical uses and functions – of new and emerging technologies. Artistic experimentation has thus helped to radically expand our understanding of (for example) new industrial processes, audiovisual recording technologies, computer graphics, robotic tools, and algorithmic technologies. In this exhibition, an international group of artists continues this tradition by realizing critical, analytical, and playful uses for wide-ranging technologies such as video games, online presentation software, 3D printers, and robotic production tools.

The project Rethinking Affordance consists of an exhibition, a symposium and a scientific publication. The symposium takes place from June 7–9, 2018 at Akademie Schloss Solitude.

Admission free!

On view: May 17 to June 29, 2018
Opening hours: Tue—Thur: 10 am—12pm, 2—5 pm, Fri: 10 am—12 pm, 2—4 pm, 
Sat—Sun: 12—5 pm