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Public Dialogs 2012/2013
Vertraute Gespräche
07. December 2012 20:00
art, science & business
Chess Grandmaster

The series Familiar Talks (Vertraute Gespräche) at the Akademie Schloss Solitude relies on the medium of dialog in order to refer different perspectives and approaches from arts, science, economy, society, and politics to each other. In this form of communication, experiences, knowledge, and different ways of thinking are not only shared, but also reconsidered and altered through a play of questions and answers, narrations, and citations. The title of this talk reflects the wish to create an open as well as familiar atmosphere in which the participants may challenge conventional thought patterns, open up spaces for unexpected considerations, and reach out for the unknown. The audience is warmly invited to engage in the discussion.
The Familiar Talks kicked off in May and July 2012 with the poet Durs Grünbein and the cultural scientist Elisabeth Bronfen. In this talk, the host of the series, Asmus Trautsch engages in a conversation with the chess grandmaster Vera Nebolsina. Amongst others, they will discuss the significant influence of chess in a variety of fields, such as arts, economy, and science. As a form of strategic and investigative thinking, chess has the potential to enhance the dialog between these different disciplines.
The Familiar Talks are dedicated to the writer, filmmaker, and philosopher Alexander Kluge on the occasion of his 80th birthday in 2012. He has been interviewing numerous scientists, artists, politicians, business people, and also imaginary characters in an ingeniously creative and inquiring manner with acumen and narrative enthusiasm.

The initiator and host Asmus Trautsch, philosopher, composer, and poet, was a fellow in the art, science & business program in 2010/2011.

Admission: 8 Euro/6 Euro reduced