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Film screening: Daniel Kunle
Daniel Kunle
28. September 2006 21:00
A mayor calls for colonists. A city planner erases his city on the computer. An unemployed person mobilizes those with nothing to do. A social scientist speaks of rural ghettos. A farmer organizes an energetically self-sufficient village. A pioneer sees a living brewery in a dead power station. A woman closes her cinema. “Neuland” (“New Land”) is a travel journal through the transforming eastern German landscape, in which many regions of the new German states see themselves confronted with the problems of de- or hyperindustrialization. The film deals with the question of whether spatial ordering can also be a social ordering in the future and whether the “shadow realm of globalization“ can also emerge as a “new land” for experiments and ways of living and working beyond or parallel to current society.

Daniel Kunle (*1972 in Berlin) studied experimental media design at the University of the Arts, Berlin. He works as a freelance filmmaker. His films have appeared in numerous international festivals since 2001. Kunle is a 2005/2006 fellow of the Akademie.

The film is a cooproduction by Daniel Kunle and Holger Lauinger. Duration: approx. 90 min.