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Gaddafi the Musical
A performative expansion of consciousness by Bernhard Dechant
09. March 2012

Following Kinski - A description of condition, Gaddafi the Musical is the second event on which the actor and director Bernhard Dechant (*1976 in Vienna) copes with a character that polarizes the audience of the global stage. Bernhard Dechant exposes himself to both the inspiration and overstraining of the myth of the revolutionary leader, the king of Africa, the unscrupulous dictator and global terrorist and hands this overstrain on to the audience.

Gaddafi the Musical is a first insight into a raw, still uncompleted theater event. In a subsequent discussion, Bernhard Dechant invites the audience to charge and challenge the draft and to follow the search of answers concerning the questions raised by the character of Gaddafi.

The media artist and musician Tommy Neuwirth and the media artist Robert Gärtner accompany the event.

Entrance free!