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15. December 2015 19:00, 12. December 2015 19:00, 09. December 2015 16:00, 01. December 2015 15:00, 23. November 2015 19:00, 12. November 2015 - 18. December 2015
series of events, presentation, performance, talk, screening

How does it feel being constantly new and foreign in a place? How can we build up a life that is mainly based on flexibility and mobility? How does the work process and the life look like behind the artistic work? And is it possible at all to approach this topic in an appropriate way?

The spatial situation of IN TRANSIT does not offer ready art works, but instead focuses on the personal exchange, the process and the experience of the participants. For four weeks the »Hirschgang« – a corridor and space in transit by itself, turns into a possibility for meetings and exchange. The tables and seats, the walls, the computer and an e-mail address are an invitation to start a conversation.


Mon, 23.11.2015, 7 p.m., Akademie Schloss Solitude/Hirschgang

Potluck is an old Solitude tradition: each of us cooks something that we mostly like, something from the place we are coming from. Than we get together along a big table and share everything. On 23.11 the potluck becomes public: bring your own pot and come to have dinner with us!

Tues, 1.12.2015, 3–5 p.m., Akademie Schloss Solitude/Hirschgang

Current fellow Femke Snelting invites for a collective reading and discussion of a text by Rosi Braidotti: Powers of Affirmation, at the Hirschgang tables. Rosi Braidotti, a feminist and post-humanist philosopher, sees potential in creative imagination and critical thought. She considers it an urgent response to what she calls »the perverse temporality at work in our globalized world«, a means to »resist the present (...) while being worthy of our times.« 

The text can be requested in advance from Maximilian Lehner 

Wed, 9.12.2015, open rehearsal, 4 p.m., Studio 26, Akademie Schloss Solitude
Sun, 13.12.2015, public presentation, 3 p.m., Akademie Schloss Solitude/ tbc

Initiated by author Marianne Zückler and theater director Till Wyler von Ballmoos, current fellows of the Akademie perform Zücklers audio play Kommen und Gehen, Gehen und Kommen (Coming and Leaving, Leaving and Coming) based on different migrants’ stories and experiences. The performance is an experimental set-up and deals with language and voice, in this case German, as a medium to communicate and to become part of a specific society. 

Wed, 15.12.2015, presentation and film screening, Akademie Schloss Solitude/Guibal-Hall

Gal Kirn and Niloufar Tajeri, current Solitude-fellows, present some preliminary theses of their project »Thinking the monument to sub/urban riot.« The project deals with the contradictory relationship between a monument and a riot, attempting to address two opposing histories of the sub/urban riot (rupture, even destruction of the past) and the history of monuments (freezing the past, stabilizing the narrative). The presentation will be followed by the documentary film »Riots Reframed« realized in the aftermath of London/UK riots in 2011.