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Kein Messer ohne Rose
09. February 2006 20:00
Invited by the Literaturhaus, author José F. A. Oliver reads his new poetry as well as sections from his latest poetry collection finnischer wintervorrat (Finnish Winter Supplies). Author and Solitude fellow Washington Cucurto presents poems currently produced at Solitude and introduces his “Cartoneros Project”. Berlin author and translator Timo Berger reads Cucurto’s texts.

Washington Cucurto (*1973 in Quilimes, Argentina, as Noberto Santiago Vega) is cofounder and publisher of Eloisa Cartonera, which is both a publishing house and a socially cultural project: works by young authors, celebrities or authors who have sunk into oblivion from Latin America are published or republished in unusual forms. The books consist of photocopied pages and hand-painted envelopes of cardboard boxes that cartoneros (designation for people who search for recyclables in street trash) have collected. Cucurto is regarded as the main representative of realismo atolondrado, an Argentinian literary movement that playfully mixes gutter with high culture, Cumbia with Whitman, comics with Gombrowic. Cucurto has been an Akademie fellow since November 2005.*

“He sees penetratingly, listens carefully and finds the unheard, egregious word, the language and the more inward experience that brings agreement,” wrote Joachim Sartorius on José F.A. Oliver’s poems. The poet therefore discovers the comforting in the unsettling; what is one’s own in the foreign [...] and vice versa. Oliver was awarded the Adelbert von Chamisso prize in 1997 and was a guest professor at MIT in Cambridge, MA, USA in 2002. He published the poetry collections fernlautmetz and nachtrandspuren in 2000 and 2002.

A cooperation of the Akademie Schloss Solitude and the Literaturhaus Stuttgart.

Admission 7.00 / 5.00 / 3.50 Euro
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