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Susann Maria Hempel »Der Große Gammel« (2012)
30. January 2016 20:00
exhibition, screening

Video-exhibition with short films

Our biographies are complexly linked to time and space. Geographical and historical facts affect us as acting beings and shape our personal histories. Simultaneously, the thoughts and actions of every single person are mirrored by the nature of space and, in turn, continually transform it.

The influences of the traces that were left by individuals in the spacial atmosphere expand over the timespan of a single life. Previous existing traces were taken up and continued and build up a multi-layered network of time and space, individual and collective beings, atmosphere and material.

Framed by the current topic »Biographies and the Production of Space,« the films by the Akademie Schloss Solitude fellows explore how biographies, time, and space are intertwined with each other.

»DER GROSSE GAMMEL. Ein filmischer Nachruf auf das Theater der Stadt Greiz« (2012) 8’30 / by Susann Maria Hempel
After more than 100 years of history, the theater of the city Greiz is to be demolished. Susann Maria Hempel transfers the architectural destruction within a range of controlled experiments to film material. The images follow the downfall of the theater.

»Tokyo will occur someday« (2015), 24’ / by Florian Goldmann
According to scientists, a fatal earthquake is likely to happen in Tokyo in the near future. In the face of the approaching catastrophe, simulating particular scenarios is meant to suggest control and safety. Florian Goldmann approaches this phenomenon by visiting a trade show for earthquake prevention.

»Destination Finale« (2008), 9’ / by Philip Widmann
Destination Finale takes found 8mm-reels, made by an anonymous Vietnamese tourist, and presents them in a continuous, perhaps even chronological, account of the man’s travels. The film unwittingly becomes a historical and athropological document.

 »The Execution« (2014) 14’ / by Petra Szőcs 
The Execution is set in Cluj, Romania, in 1990, just after the execution of Nikolae and Elena Ceaușescu. It is a tense period for eight-year old Orsi and her brother. By re-enacting the cruel events, they try to deal with them. The tension mounts as the film finally culminates in an absurd act.