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Anna Danielsson
art, science & business
Stockholm, Aberystwyth
Sweden, United Kingdom
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01. January 2019 - 30. June 2019

Born 1980 in Stockholm/Sweden.

Anna Danielsson holds a PhD in political science. She is currently a postdoc researcher and lecturer in international relations at Uppsala University, Sweden. Anna Danielsson is also affiliated to the Department of International Politics at Aberystwyth University, Great Britain.

Anna Danielsson's research is situated at the nexus between international relations, social theory, international political economy and the sociology of knowledge. Her areas of expertise include peacebuilding, international interventions, hybridity, knowledge production, informal economies and state formation in former Yugoslavia. She has published in journals such as International Peacekeeping and Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding. Her current project analyses the social conditions of conflict expertise and knowledge production, organization and diffusion in international peacebuilding interventions and conflict management, with a particular focus on anti-informality interventions in Bosnia and Kosovo. The project combines a socio-historical analysis of the emergence of an international »field« of informality within its scholarly and political environments with an ethnographic study of the dispositions and practices of international peacebuilders.

Anna Danielsson has received several grants, such as an international postdoc fellowship from the Swedish Research Council in 2015.