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Céline Baumann
01. January 2020 - 31. October 2020

Born 1984 in Lille/France.

Céline Baumann is a landscape architect and space designer, who graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d'Art (ENSAAMA), Paris/Frankreich in 2006 and from the Landscape Architecture School of Versailles/France in 2010. She has worked with high-profile international practices including Inside-Outside in Amsterdam/Netherlands, Atelier le Balto and Topotek 1 in Berlin/Germany. Her commitment lies in the creation of vibrant and dynamic open spaces, informed by the interactive ecology between people and nature.

She is the founder of Fabland, a studio dedicated to contemporary landscape architecture on various scales, combing through drawing, writing botanical research, gardening, and model making. Her work has been recognized by the Urban Art prize in 2010 and given honors in competition format by Michel Desvignes in 2013. She writes for the scientific Journal of Landscape Architecture and has lectured for institutions including the University of Agricultural Science of Malmö/Sweden.

Based between Basel/Switzerland and Berlin/Germany, she is currently working on the Queer Nature project, an exploration fed by interests ranging from art, botany and sociology collecting nature’s many facets of queerness.