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Pauline de Chalendar
art, science & business
Cooperation fellowship
01. July 2017 - 30. September 2017

Born 1990 in Seine-Saint-Denis/France.

Pauline de Chalendar lives and works in Grenoble/France. After finishing her fine art studies in Epinal/France and Nancy/France she entered Le Fresnoy –Studio National des Arts Contemporains in 2013. There she developed her interest in digital media used for drawing. Her project À main levée (freehand) is based on using a 3D drawing device allowing her to draw in space and time by exploring an immersive environment. Between craft and digital, her work revolves around the relationship between the intimate and the collective as well as around those human needs who allow us to turn back to nature. By collaborating with researchers and art-science structures, she questions the new narrative potential of drawing: what kind of stories can be told by time and space-based drawing.

​Pauline de Chalendar is a fellow in cooperation with L’Hexagone Scène Nationale Arts Sciences – Meylan in Grenoble.