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Gérald Duffing
art, science & business
Cooperation fellowship
02. June 2008 - 14. June 2008
Born in 1970 in Besançon/France.

He studied information systems in Nancy. He received his master degree in computer science in 1994, and his PhD in 1999, in which he wrote about image retrieval issues using text annotations and image visual features.

He is a lecturer in Information Systems at the ICN Business School in Nancy and University of Nancy 2 since 2000 for graduate and MBA levels. His main focus is on information systems management and auditing, programming, and tools for decision making. He also participated in an entrepreneurship program with ICN and City University in Hong Kong for four years.

Duffing is currently head of the »Human Resources and Information Systems« academic department at ICN, and an associate researcher at the LORIA Lab.

His topics of interest include information systems design, governance, and auditing, data warehouses design, decision support systems, risk management and economic intelligence. He is also developing a web-based business game to be used with graduate and MBA students.