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Imran Ali Khan
art, science & business
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01. April 2017 - 30. September 2017

Born 1979 in New Delhi/India.

Imran Ali Khan graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in English literature from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai/India, in July 2000, following which he trained as a designer at the Academy of Architecture, Mumbai. For eight years, he wandered through the world of design until he reached an ocean of stories with the Ramayana.

In 2010 Imran Ali Khan conceptualized Kiski Kahani: The Ramayana Project, a project that attempted to create a repository of the vast array of Ramayana stories, encouraged intellectual engagement and fostered critical enquiry. During the project Imran Ali Khan co-directed a film on a Muslim community of performers in Rajasthan/India and edited a volume of essays on the diversity of the Ramayana tradition entitled Kiski Kahani: An Anthology of Personal Journeys with the Ramayana.

He spends a fourth of his time teaching a Liberal Arts program at the Indian School of Design & Innovation Parsons Mumbai, a fourth talking about the Ramayana to unsuspecting strangers, a further fourth listening to stories and the rest trying to figure out fractions.