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Michael Kleine
Hamburg, Berlin
01. April 2020 - 30. September 2020

​Born 1981 in Lahr/Germany.

Michael Kleine is a performance and visual artist, stage designer, and theater director based in Hamburg/Germany and Berlin/Germany. He received his MA in music theater directing at the Theater Akademie in Hamburg.

His interdisciplinary artistic practice comprises stage and costume design, art objects, performances, scenarios, and exhibition architectures. His works are situated in theatre, opera, and the contemporary or classical music scene as well as in the context of fine art.

All of his work originates in various genres and collaborations. He often relates subjects from European art and cultural history to contemporary display formats, emphasizing a discourse about the social implications of presentation formats.

In his solo exhibitions and performances he creates collective spaces of intense experience through turning attention to the art work/the object, the sound, the architecture, the social situation and the perception conditions on an equal level.

Among others his works have been shown at the following institutions: Volksbühne Berlin; Schinkelpavillon Berlin; Hamburgische Staatsoper; Sammlung Klosterfelde Hamburg; Ruhrtriennale Bochum/Germany; Theater Basel/Switzerland; Opéra de Rouen Normandie/France; Biennale Arte di Venezia/Italy.

He received a travel grant from Neue Kunst in Hamburg as visual artist and he was a fellow of the Akademie Musiktheater Heute, Frankfurt a. M./Germany.