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38 Minutes of Anthropology (Strangers to Ourselves); The Book OG Light and Schizophrenia
4 Videos de Edgar Endress
Bewerbungsmaterial / application
5 Love Songs _ 01
Solitude Sitting Ballet
5 Love Songs _ 02
Solitude Sitting Ballet
5 Love Songs _ 03
Solitude Sitting Ballet
5 Love Songs _ 04
Solitude Sitting Ballet
5 Love Songs _ 05
Solitude Sitting Ballet
50.000.000 Can’t Be Wrong
music by Steven Trafford
A – class
37 Videoclips zu Lebensmodellen im Vollbeschäftigungs-Science-Fiction
A jamais por toujour
A Landscape With No Horizon
A Mi Genta Linda
A Movie (2004); A Place (2004); A Market (2004); On the Big Track.03 (2002)
A New Community Being Other
Video in LCD inside Blackbox
A penar de toro
A Shot in the Autumn
A Space Traversed With Signals
exhibition Kabinett Akademie Schloss Solitude
About the Anticapitalist Carnival (both sides)
Absolut Warhola