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Building our media archive is currently work in progress and some discrepancies are possible. We are constantly updating data and we apologize in advance for any mistakes that might occur before the process is finished.

Animations by Kota Ezawa
Who’s afraid of Black, White and Grey (2002); The Simpson Verdict (2003) ; Lennon Sonntag Beuys (2004); The Unbearable Lightness of Being (2005); Home Video - Loop - (2001)
Antigone im Technoland
Apocalypse Show (Kopie)
Arbeit und Freizeit (1) – Solitude
8-Kanal-Videoperformance, Akademie Schloss Solitude 08.02.2009 - Eclat Festival
Arbeit und Freizeit (2) – Fiesta y ensayo
Arbeit und Freizeit (3) – Die glückliche Hand
Arbeiten 2000 - 2007
Arbeiten 2002 - 2004
Arbeiten über Licht 1991 - 1996
exhibiton documentation
Architecture Installation
Architekten im Netz
Beitrag zu Gruppo A12, SWR
Archiv der Möglichkeiten
Arianna (Benedetto Marcello)
As Many Times As
As Soon as a Bird Flies, a Pear Falls Down
documentation of performance
Ascending & Descending
aufbruch – Kunst Gefängnis Stadt