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Dance production by Saša Asentić selected for TANZPLATTFORM DEUTSCHLAND 2020
Saša Asentić, DIS_SYLPHIDE © Anja Beutler
25. February 2020

The Akademie Schloss Solitude is happy for former fellow Saša Asentić (2011/2012) whose dance production DIS_SYLPHIDE, a dance piece on disability and dance history in Germany has been selected for TANZPLATTFORM DEUTSCHLAND 2020. Out of more than 500 productions, 15 outstanding dance productions from Germany have been selected by the jury. Asentić’s work will performed within the framework of the TANZPLATTFORM DEUTSCHLAND 2020 (March 4–8, 2020) in Munich/Germany.

DIS_SYLPHIDE acts like an intervention in the history of dance, confronting it with questions on normativity and authenticity of bodies in dance from the point of view of mentally and physically disabled people. The piece is based on three iconographic choreographies of the 20th century: Mary Wigman’s Hexentanz (1926), Pina Bausch’s Kontakthof (1978) and Xavier Le Roy’s Self Unfinished (1998). All three productions revolutionized existing concepts of the body and, by extension, dance history itself. A team made up of equal members with and without disabilities takes up this material in order to develop its own aesthetic and to produce public images of disability. As performers, they inscribe themselves into the history of dance, which to this day, has not assigned them a place of their own. DIS_SYLPHIDE critically deals with the aesthetic regimes of dance history and the outdated distinction between high culture and social work. For the first time, choreographer and cultural activist Saša Asentić is combining his choreographic practice and his work with people with disabilities.

Trailer of DIS_SYLPHIDE 

Saša Asentić is a choreographer and performance artist. His works have been shown throughout Germany and the world since 2007. In 1999, Asentić founded the Per.Art organization, an NGO that is devoted to the production and promotion of performing arts in Serbia as well as the inclusion of the mentally disabled in art projects. From 2010 until 2013, he was director of the festival for contemporary dance Nov.Plex in Novi Serbia. He was also the director of the Balkan Dance Platform 2009 and co-curator of the IN-presentable festival in Madrid/Spain (2009). Asentić is interested in exploring the relationship between the individual and society, and analyzing it in social choreography. He works in the fields of contemporary dance, performance and disability arts. After he suffered from right-wing street violence and fundamentally declared his opposition to corruption in Serbia’s public sphere, he moved to Germany in 2011. He is constantly working on extending his residence permit in Germany.

Where: Utopia, Heßstraße 132, Munich/Germany
When: Wednesday, March 4, 2020 at 5 pm and Thursday, March 5, at 2.30 pm
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