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Deniz Utlu's new novel celebrates success
Deniz Utlus second novel »Gegen Morgen« has been chosen »Book of the Week« by SWR2
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21. October 2019

The Akademie Schloss Solitude is pleased with Deniz Utlu (literature fellow 2018/2019). His second novel »Gegen Morgen« (Towards Morning), he worked on during his fellowship, was voted Book of the Week by SWR2!

The complete book review of the SWR can be found here.

When Kara flies from Berlin to Frankfurt, the plane gets caught up in a heavy thunderstorm. In face of the looming crash, he suddenly sees Ramón sitting a few rows in front of him. Ramón, who was never invited but still came, who stayed on the couch in Kara’s and Kara’s best friend Vince’s kitchen until he disappeared from one day to the next.

After the emergency landing, Kara restlessly returns to Berlin where he sets out on the search for Ramón and therefore on retraces his own past. He finds the long-lost friend in an estate of prefabricated houses and offers him to move into Vince’s former room. That’s where Ramón is paid a visit by some strangers one night. Shortly after that he disappears again. Kara realises that Ramón is gone for good when he follows him to Paris but finds nothing but a city in turmoil.

In »Gegen Morgen«, Deniz Utlu presents a profound shock and asks what defines us: that which we have left behind or that which lies ahead of us. In shimmering images he traces the mistakes and the potentials of a life as well as humanity, which starts at the point where we don’t pay attention to ourselves but to others.

Deniz Utlu, born in Hannover in 1983, studied economics in Berlin and Paris. His debut novel »Die Ungehaltenen« (The Indignant) was published in 2014 and was adapted for the stage at the Maxim Gorki Theatre. He is author of plays, poetry and essays. He conducts research at the German Institute for Human Rights and is the organiser of a series of readings entitled »Prosa der Verhältnisse« at the Maxim Gorki Theatre.

»Gegen Morgen« was published by Suhrkamp Verlag in September 2019.

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