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Exhibition, Readings, Performances, Lecture, Films: Searching for an ideal urbanity
Exhibition opening: Isaac Carlos, Karin Damrau/Bernd Kusserow, Ingrid Hora, Ben Hooker, Herbert Stattler and Claudia Stebler
asb: Lecture Jean-Pierre Lefebvre
Second concert of new concert series in the barn
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Bálint Harcos reads at the Ungarisches Kulturinstitut Stuttgart
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How I see the world – video workshop with Solitude fellow José Carlos Teixeira at the Montessori School Stuttgart-Hausen
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Reading: János Térey and the Hungarian literary scene
Concerts: Solitude, my sweetest choice
Artists of the exhibitions
Symposium: Moving in a Smarter City
Symposium: Dealing with Fear: What Holds Societies Together?
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Cooperation with Stuttgart Schools
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DID SHE DANCE ON STAGE - A solo work by Min Kyoung Lee
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Fourth concert of the series »Solitude Concerts in the Barn - young musicians play chamber music«
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Matinee concert: Eliot Gattegno performs Huber, Stockhausen, Spahlinger, Sigman and Reich
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