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Der ferkelfarbene Himmel über Osteuropa (The piglet-colored sky over Eastern Europe)
01. March 2020

Ilka Papp-Zakor’s themes are sadly topical, as in Yuri Gagarin, in which a father rejects his son, who lives abroad, with ideological narrow-mindedness, and takes out his world-weariness and frustration on him in a two-faced, passive-aggressive way. In recent decades, migration from Eastern European countries has reached threatening proportions, and is already causing great tension in both daily and family life in many places.

Nebensächlich, Nomade – Ungewiss übertragene Gedichte (Incidentally, nomad – poems transmitted with uncertainty)
01. March 2020
Alles, was ich über Zahlen weiß

One long hot summer, Eveline drowns a wasps’ nest, and while digging among the tiny corpses makes a sinister discovery. A university professor arrives unannounced at the door of an Arizona fortune-teller, little knowing how this woman will alter his life. A sudden spate of disappearing newborns terrifies a young mother. As the Prussian army encroaches, the besieged city of Paris asks an enormous sacrifice of its city zookeeper. And over a Coca-Cola in an Andalusian village bar, a woman hears from a stranger the worst thing a mother can do.

Das dänische Puder (The Danish powder)

Like her short films Petra Szöcs poems appear personal and intimate. They revolve the issue family with all its beautiful and dark sides and reflect the social relations. Parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts are the protagonists oft he ironic-melancholic milieu study and dreamlike-surreal daily routine, in which strange, disturbing moments undercut the familiar atmosphere and security and cruelty are close to each other.

Unterwasserstädte (Underwater Cities)
Short Stories

Unterwasserstädte (Underwater Cities) is a fine selection of short stories from the collection of short stories Balbec Beach, which was published in Hungarian and translated by Timea Tankó and Lacy Kornitzer.

Puschkins Brüste (Pushkin's Breast's)
Volume of poetry

The volume Pushkin´s Breast´s presents a selection of Márió Z. Nemes´ lyrical works. With his outrageous texts, where the characters from a visionary private-ideology come upon famous agents of history and just seemingly harmless fairytale staff, Nemes promptly advanced to a cult figure in the Hungarian poetry scene.

Grönland (Greenland)
Short story cycle

If it´s her street in her hometown – or her office in Saratoga Springs in the US state New York in which her American business comrade Sylvia Plath has lived – or her memories about a one-eyed fish which she fished as a child and set it free again – every time when she describes her object, the reader learns more about her special, unique view of all that is happening, she creates a connection to her inner life.

Blaue Stunde (Blue Hour)

The volume of poems Blaue Stunde provides a selection of Alice Miller's poems as well as an exchange of letters between her and the Pakistani author Bilal Tanweer translated into German by Nicolai Kobus.

Unangebrachte Direktheit

Aaron Kunin’s poems are characterized by shocking proximity and cooly distance, captivating and absent at the same time. The German translation of the volume of poetry by Nicolai Kobus introduces a representative selection of Kunin’s lyrical work which was published between 2005 and 2014 at Fence Books.

Der Deutsche Traum (The German Dream)

Der Deutsche Traum evolved during Dominic Otiang'as residency at Akademie Schloss Solitude in 2013/2014 as a sequel and revision of his novel The Dalain Immigrant.

Architektur für Reisende (Architecture for Travelers)
Travel notes, Poems

Architektur für Reisende (Architecture for Travelers) is a volume of poems with travel notes on a hiking tour straight through the American state Texas. The better part of the book was produced in the framework of the same name building project which the author, the architect Alan Worn, the poet Lynn Xu as well as family and friends in Marfa, Texas jointly realized.


The poems by Kinga Tóth play with sensual and esthetic empirical values of their readers. In meticulous descriptions technical components were interweaved with human emotions. Over and over again the focus lies on physical relations between machine and human in which the latter is objectivized and dehumanized. Human and machine become categories. The language remains objective and sober. Even so, it is exactly this coldness and precision which sharpens and strengthens the look on the dreamlike scenarios. 

Teiresias' Geständnisse (Teiresias' Confessions)

»In keeping with tradition, András Gerevich is averse to any staginess, any rhetoric. The tone of his poems is factual, almost rough. Their calm scares, because they deal with first and last things: birth, childhood, death, and transience of life.

Das Heilige Buch der Stille (The Sacred Book of Silence)

In The Sacred Book of Silence, Doug Rice explores languages for beauty and for love. Through memoir, philosophical fragments, and poetic breath, the narrator reflects on desire and jouissance and on his life with Mai and with Amber, women who unnerved his own way for being in the world.

L'ange nu (The naked angel)

In l´ange nu – The naked angel – the French writer Gérard Haller publishes two articles, which are poetry and reflect poetry. The title of the book is also a poem Haller dedicates to the painting La petite fille au ballon (1908) by František Kupka.

Mein Großvater konnte fliegen (My grandfather was able to fly)

One is flabbergasted and holds his breath, when being introduced to the worlds, Zolt Nagy Koppány creates in his stories. With his crude, manly protagonists, he conjures archaic times and pictures.

Allein jenseits der Zeit (Alone Beyond Time)

»Ich weiß nicht was soll es bedeuten, dass ich so traurig bin ... « (I don’t know what it means that I feel so sad) – this familiar melody comes to the reader’s mind when reading the melancholy poems by Vipul Rikhi. Topics about love, separation, loneliness, exclusion and death expand across borders of time and space.

2012 - November 2012

Inserted like in a romantic novel, Dan Coman’s poems in Ghinga arise from an apparent fantastic mind that knows how to combine the burlesque with charm. In Coman’s poetry the controlling powers behave curious, breaking down the barriers between human and thing.

Der Lärm des Fleisches (The Noise of Flesh)

Life and death intertwine, biography and metaphysics painfully coexist in this book about reality beneath reality. It deals with the body, about the fear of being touched.

Bienenzucht nach Samuel Beckett (Beekeeping according to Samuel Beckett)

After a warehouse fire – between Samuel Beckett's manuscripts and documents –, the diary of a yet unknown assistant of Beckett is found. The diary reveals that Beckett and his assistant jointly rearranged the author's archive ... Rich in lightness and irony, the novel unfolds a marvelous ironic discourse about an artist’s life and cult. It's an homage to Beckett and an instruction for reading.