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Zentrifuge (Centrifuge)
September 2004

It is a literary work filled with humor, bitter irony and distance, a permanently furious game with language, levels of style, types of text and genres in a well-executed translation from the Romanian by Eva Wemme.
2004 - September 2004
Gábor Schein has a miracle occur in his novel. Péter makes contact with his dead father one last time and conducts a conversation with him that would never have been possible during his lifetime. In his life he was missing the language; in death it is the only thing that can resurrect what never was.
Milch (Milk)
Book with CD

The breath of Beatrix Haustein's language is cool, the form of her poems clear and mostly rhymeless. She artistically weaves Eichendorff and Heine, but she asks her most important question with Hölderin’s Hälfte des Lebens (Half of Life). »Weh mir, wo nehm' ich, wenn / Es Winter ist, die Blumen (...).«