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Europa hat die Form meines Gehirns (Europe has the Shape of my Brain)
September 2007
The Akademie publishes a collection of eight texts under the title »Europe has the Shape of my Brain«. Cartarescu wrote them between 1990 and 2007 and half of them have, until now, been unpublished in German. Even if the subjects of his texts are »circumstantially« Romanian, he rejects the role of »resident Romanian« and claims the universal »creative spirit« of literature.
Diese Fremden (These Strangers)
September 2007
»These strangers« are completely normal people - they have families and neighbors, superficially chat about the weather or their children, and live in single-family homes like those you see in American television series.
KaltWasserKult (ColdWaterCult)
September 2007
Térey’s literature is marked by a quiet ironic game with words and images that constantly capture the reader. Artfully written and translated into German, his poems have a reader-friendly surface that creates both fun and pensiveness in its audience.