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Körper (Bodies)
They work in offices or in city sanitation, or even work themselves to the bone. They are in search of something, stuck in the mud or waiting for the moment that life takes them on another course. They have desires, fears and fantasies. They live, love and fall ill. They are like us.
Sandfuge (Sand fugue)
In a cathedral, a Burger King and a coffee house, on the backseat of a taxi, while beheading a fish or scrubbing the floor, the characters in István László Geher’s poems are always in search of something.
Was schön ist und dem Daniel gefällt (What is beautiful and Daniel likes)
Ernest Wichner, who translated Daniel Bănulescu’s poems into a German that is sometimes tender, sometimes nearly disturbingly raw, describes the Romanian poet’s work as »simultaneously repulsive and beautiful.« Was schön ist und dem Daniel gefällt is a mélange of the affectionate and erotic, the bawdy and strange.