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Bienenzucht nach Samuel Beckett (Beekeeping according to Samuel Beckett)

After a warehouse fire – between Samuel Beckett's manuscripts and documents –, the diary of a yet unknown assistant of Beckett is found. The diary reveals that Beckett and his assistant jointly rearranged the author's archive ... Rich in lightness and irony, the novel unfolds a marvelous ironic discourse about an artist’s life and cult. It's an homage to Beckett and an instruction for reading.

Ein Jahr im Paradies (One year in paradise)

The year that protagonist Sonia experiences is not paradise at all. After not being allowed to university, the young woman from a south eastern province is confronted with a failing escape from miserable circumstances. 


»The Lithuanian language: melancholic, but dignified, a shop rich of things, like a second-hand bookshop or, to continue the comparison, like a cubbyhole – a rich language«.
Laurynas Katkus proves himself as a gentle but effective narrator. He elaborately reveals everyday life, social circumstances and the atmosphere in the still communist and in the end post-communist Lithuania.

Wie schön das Kaputtgehen ist (How wonderful it is to break down)

With uncompromising precision but still with care, Dénes Krusovszky discusses the fragmental character of human relations and situations in his prose poems.