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Puschkins Brüste (Pushkin's Breast's)
Volume of poetry

The volume Pushkin´s Breast´s presents a selection of Márió Z. Nemes´ lyrical works. With his outrageous texts, where the characters from a visionary private-ideology come upon famous agents of history and just seemingly harmless fairytale staff, Nemes promptly advanced to a cult figure in the Hungarian poetry scene.

Grönland (Greenland)
Short story cycle

If it´s her street in her hometown – or her office in Saratoga Springs in the US state New York in which her American business comrade Sylvia Plath has lived – or her memories about a one-eyed fish which she fished as a child and set it free again – every time when she describes her object, the reader learns more about her special, unique view of all that is happening, she creates a connection to her inner life.

Blaue Stunde (Blue Hour)

The volume of poems Blaue Stunde provides a selection of Alice Miller's poems as well as an exchange of letters between her and the Pakistani author Bilal Tanweer translated into German by Nicolai Kobus.