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Hungarian, German
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Aus dem Ungarischen von Orsolya Kalász und Monika Rinck

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Pushing metal rings, the wounded surface of an explosive device and the sighing breath of a pin. The poems by Kinga Tóth play with sensual and esthetic empirical values of their readers. In meticulous descriptions technical components were interweaved with human emotions. Over and over again the focus lies on physical relations between machine and human in which the latter is objectivized and dehumanized. Human and machine become categories. The language remains objective and sober. Even so, it is exactly this coldness and precision which sharpens and strengthens the look on the dreamlike scenarios.  

Allmaschine breaks with the assumption that humans were the creators of the machines and would use them. In her poem »Werkzeugmacher« (toolmaker) Kinga Tóth writes: »foundation of human and machine is to exhale«. Allmaschine moves in a mutual tension of mechanization of nature and human on one site and the humanization of the machines on the other site. The reader becomes paradoxically clear that he is above all: subjective sentient human being.

Kinga Tóth, born in 1983 in Sárvár, Hungary studied linguistics and literary studies. She works as an editor and journalist and teaches German language and literature in Budapest. The illustrated volume of poems Zsúr was published 2013 in PRAE.HU. She also stages her texts tonally and visually. Kinga Tóth was a fellow at Akademie Schloss Solitude in the framework of the Eastern European exchange program. Allmaschine is her first publication in German language. 

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