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Der Autobus mit den Buckligen
65 pages
15 EUR
Thread bound, translated by Ernest Wichner.
Afterword by Herta Müller.
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His lyrical »I« merrily and loudly grasps the word and tells, in loosely connected episodes, of his wife, his patron, of his dreams and his search for God. Sam does this in a simultaneously erratic, unpredictable, unrefined and tender way - in a male way. Here, the reader cannot avoid developing an affectionate sympathy for the caddish-romantic Sam. Perhaps this lies in the fact that behind the virile Sam, with his tiger tattoo, hides a shy boy who dreams of somersaulting cows and distant galaxies, the dunes of the Sahara and of raising cattle in the wide west? Whose loud exterior hides a moderate, humble core? Is Sam so irresistible as a male figure because a woman has called him to life?

In this round of episodes, Nora Iuga accompanies Sam through all life situations and illustrates ironic moments that reflect - despite or exactly because of their apparent arbitrariness - the male-human existence in its grotesque entirety. A small world without meaning and without any major outlook sits in this “bus with the hunchbacks” - a world in which one dreams, lives, argues, enjoys life or shivers in the face of death. In this bus sits Sam, who lives like most people on the world, without knowing why.

Sam träumt davon zu Keops zu gelangen ganz hinten im autobus / hinter so vielen buckligen / sieht sam die sahara / mit ihren zitternden dünen / er träumt davon zu keops zu gelangen / brennt darauf ihm die sandalen auszuziehen / und ihm das blut von den nägeln zu lecken / ich fürchte nur mein geld wird nicht reichen / denkt sam und ist den tränen nahe / was macht ihr mit mir und meinen nachkommen / aus dem himmel weht eine kühle brise herab / immer tröstet dich gott /
und lässt dich zurück am ufer/ damit du versöhnt zusehen kannst / wie die titanic untergeht

Sam and the ghost, Sam flies over heaven, Sam and the dog Dracula on Ferdinand Boulevard. .... Sam is the boundless hero of the poetry novel that Nora Iuga has created with The Bus with the Hunchbacks.