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Ein Jahr im Paradies (One year in paradise)
173 pages
15 EUR
aus dem Rumänischen von Ernest Wichner
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The year that protagonist Sonia experiences is not paradise at all. After not being allowed to university, the young woman from a south eastern province is confronted with a failing escape from miserable circumstances. But the appearance of Pavel transforms her desperation to new hope – »you earn money for a year, then you will study wherever you want to (…) the same way my sister did.«

Sonia realizes that paradise is a brothel, a contemptuous prison, to which she is transported along with other young women. In front of the lecturers eyes, the Moldavian author enrolls dialogs, thoughts and dreams that bear witness of the women’s pure unbearable existence. How can »humanity« be defined? This question serves for Corobca as a central theme of her metaphorical novel where for the protagonist, a new start is possible.

Liliana Corobca, born 1975 in Saseni Calaresi/Moldawien, works as an author and literary scientist. In 2003/2004, she was awarded with the Prometheus-Prize of the Moldavian authors association for her prose debut Negrissimo.