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2012 - November 2012
German, Romanian
111 pages
15 EUR
translated by Georg Aescht
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Inserted like in a romantic novel, Dan Coman’s poems in Ghinga arise from an apparent fantastic mind that knows how to combine the burlesque with charm. In Coman’s poetry the controlling powers behave curious, breaking down the barriers between human and thing. The result of this osmosis-process are humanely dolls, which are dominated by overexcitement and trivialisation and in the end they are less loveable like they initially seemed to be. Ghinga is an extremely ingenious book. In the beginning the poems cover up the death throes of love and coexistence, then they lose their charming appearance until the reader awakes in a giant slaughterhouse, a storage for human meat contaminated with the germinals of the death which has lost every metaphysical dimension. After all erotic proceeding is dressed in the scenario of a bloody apocalypse. Charm, creativity and grotesque fabulous solely build the surface in Coman’s poems: It is the soundbox of well-known fear which is hidden from lovecouples at first.

Dan Coman, born 1975 in Gersa, Romania, studied philosophy at the Babeş-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca. He lives and works in Bistrita as a philosophy teacher and poet. His first poetry volume Anul Cârtiţei galbene (The year of the yellow mole) appeared 2003 at Editura Timpul and 2004 he was honored with the country-poetry-prize Mihai Eminescu and the prize for first born works of the Romanian authors association. 2005 Ghinga a volume of poems was published at Editura Vinea, last 2010 at Cartea Românească the poem cycle Irezistibil. Dan Coman was a fellow at Akademie Schloss Solitude in 2010. 

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