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Grönland (Greenland)
Short story cycle
112 pages
15 EUR
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Be it essays, short stories or, as the author calls it, novels – it is short prose which easily shows that Angelina Polonskaja is a poet by nature. Similar to her poetry she uses also in her prose a figurative language which points out the things precisely. If it´s her street in her hometown – or her office in Saratoga Springs in the US state New York in which her American business comrade Sylvia Plath has lived – or her memories about a one-eyed fish which she fished as a child and set it free again – every time when she describes her object, the reader learns more about her special, unique view of all that is happening, she creates a connection to her inner life. While she – in her title short story – sees icebergs floating in the sea, she reminds herself to the horror which she feels about coldness and snow, disappointments in youth, loss of the husband, the death of the grandmother, a fleeting moment of happiness during the holidays with her parents by the sea, her worry for the mother who was taken ill. The reader is impressed, not solely in the moment of reading. Certain things remain, like the observation that one has to have a soul toward happiness.

Angelina Polonskaja, born 1969 in Malachowka, Russia, studied sports at the Moscow State Academy of Physical Culture. Since she exchanged her job as a figure skater with the one as a poet, she has already published eight volumes of poems; with the last one: Schwärzer als Weiß, which was published bilingually in Leipzig 2015 her work was published in German for the first time. She is a member of the Russian PEN-Club and won several prizes and fellowships.

Grönland is her first volume of short prose. The texts were written partly during her fellowship at Akademie Schloss Solitude in 2014/2015. 

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