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KaltWasserKult (ColdWaterCult)
148 pages
Poems (from the Hungarian by Orsolya Kalász, Gerhard Falkner, Monika Rinck)
János Térey is a poet who lives and works in both the modern as well as in the literary tradition. He reads, rereads, plucks apart and reassembles texts from literary history. As the Hungarian literary critic Tibor describes him: »... behind the pleasant appearance and good manners, one finds the result of productive tensions between the grandiose art of writing, a genius novelistic concept, a completely conservative character and a contemporary’s authentic ideal.«

Térey’s literature is marked by a quiet ironic game with words and images that constantly capture the reader. Artfully written and translated into German, his poems have a reader-friendly surface that creates both fun and pensiveness in its audience. References to cities through which the poems »travel« crop up repeatedly; seemingly recurring people and locations - described with an astonishing plasticity - are also a part of the game with the reader. Térey liberates the linearity of his travels and characters this way.

Térey is one of the most important voices in contemporary Hungarian literature. This volume, containing a selection of his poems written between 1991 and 2006, appears for the first time in German.

János Térey, born in 1970 in Debrecen, Hungary and a 2006 Solitude fellow, lives and works as a poet, dramatist and literary translator in Budapest, Hungary. Numerous volumes of poetry have been published in Budapest since 1991, most recently »Ultra« (2006) as well as the 2004 theatrical tetralogy »A Nibelung-lakópark«.