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L'ange nu (The naked angel)
English, French, German
57 pages

Traduction allemande / Übersetzung ins Deutsche / German translation: Gernot Krämer
Traduction anglaise / Übersetzung ins Englische / English translation: Vipul Rikhi

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In l´ange nu – The naked angel – the French writer Gérard Haller publishes two articles, which are poetry and reflect poetry. The title of the book is also a poem Haller dedicates to the painting La petite fille au ballon (1908) by František Kupka. Sensitively, he develops an interpretation of the painting. Haller exposes himself to it and turns contemplation into participation. It is the depicted central gesture of an extended hand holding a ball capturing the writer: »as if she is offering it – to everyone, anybody who is willing to – and we are invited to take part in the game and to keep it going as well. Breath, sense, forms, never ending transformations. Art and life. The entire art: every time the gesture is repeated in a different way, connecting hearts and opening up a common world.« Passer la nuit – spending the night – is Haller’s very own attempt of poetry. Despite the loss of terms such as »god«, »man«, »people« and »revolution« the author recognizes a chance in being helpless. Driving forces are Rainer Maria Rilke, Friedrich Nietzsche, Stéphane Mallarmé, Georges Bataille, Maurice Blanchot, Paul Celan und Jean-Luc Nancy. Poetry, according to Haller, wants to repeat similarities and treasures, it wants to testify and pass it on just like a talisman. Writing creates similarities in continuing conversations and in answering calls. It appears once again: the extended hand.

Gérard Haller, born in 1952 in Bitche/France, lives and works in Paris. So far, there has been five publications, mainly poetry. Except for the first book Météoriques (with an introduction by Jean-Luc Nancy, published at Seghers, 2001), all further books were published at Galilée: all/ one, 2003, Fini mère, 2007; Deux dans la nuit, 2010.