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Nebensächlich, Nomade – Ungewiss übertragene Gedichte (Incidentally, nomad – poems transmitted with uncertainty)
01. March 2020
97 pages
15 EUR
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»I have translated Savyon’s poems from Hebrew into German as a bird ›which does not hear what we hear, and hears what we do not hear‹ – head inclined, bones full of air – because I can neither read the letters nor divine their meaning. Only the melody penetrates through to me, this swirling seepage through sediment, through eons. Savyon read to me in Hebrew and explained word for word in English: The meanings, the relationships, the allusions, the beats. From these conversations, I produced German poems: Uncertain transmissions with an undivided fidelity to sound. I read the poems out loud to Savyon, who speaks no German, and she too heard what wasn’t said.« Regina Dürig

Savyon, born in Israel in 1988, studied exact sciences, social sciences, dance and choreography. She lives and works as a performance artist, dancer and poet in Tel Aviv. Her works are shown at festivals, in galleries, museums and other alternative exhibition spaces. She organizes and accompanies poetry readings and teaches probability theory at Tel Aviv College.

Regina Dürig, born in Mannheim in 1982, is an author, performer and lecturer in literary writing at the University of the Arts Bern. She writes prose miniatures, audio dramas, short stories and novels for children and young people and is interested in experimental policies. Interdisciplinary work is a central part of her artistic practice. In 2010, she joined musician Christian Müller to establish the »Butterland« duo, which specializes in stories and sounds.

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