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Mein Großvater konnte fliegen (My grandfather was able to fly)
160 pages
15 EUR

translated from the Hungarian by Orsolya Kalász and Monika Rinck

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One is flabbergasted and holds his breath, when being introduced to the worlds, Zolt Nagy Koppány creates in his stories. With his crude, manly protagonists, he conjures archaic times and pictures. Laconicly he describes a nightly collision on a lonely country road, in which the injured person responsible of the accident is left without any help, instead he is eliminated without further ado.

A close relationship between the author and his characters is not only recognizable in the story about the »Lohnleser« Sebestyén. He is signed on to read the books, chosen only by having read the blurbs, to his fellow men, who are reluctant to read.

Zsolt Nagy Koppány was a fellow in 2009 as participant in the exchange program between Akademie Schloss Solitude and the József Attila Circle – Literary Association of Young Writers (JAK) in Budapest.

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