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Puschkins Brüste (Pushkin's Breast's)
Volume of poetry
German, Hungarian
128 pages
15 EUR

translated from Hungarian by Orsolya Kalász, Monika Rinck and Matthias Kniep​

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The volume Pushkin´s Breast´s presents a selection of Márió Z. Nemes´ lyrical works. With his outrageous texts, where the characters from a visionary private-ideology come upon famous agents of history and just seemingly harmless fairytale staff, Nemes promptly advanced to a cult figure in the Hungarian poetry scene. Horror figures, which escaped from rococo, romp with rowdies by the hotel´s bar. A dash of splatter lies above the poetical happening. What will happen next in these poems is in no case predictable. Again and again Nemes puts our expectations over, immensely versatile he changes between the poetry genres, he dances in front of an intact front of a holed tradition and ensembles a grotesque apocalyptic wellness-palace out of the rubbles of the existing, where the poetic Hungary language starts a rejuvenation cure.

Márió Z. Nemes, born 1982 in Ajka, Hungary, studied philosophy and esthetics at Eötvös-Loránd-University in Budapest where he completed his doctoral degree on anthropological production as esthetic dehumanizing. He lives and works as a poet, critic and art theorist in Budapest and is co-founder of the poetic group »Telep Csoport« and of the fanzine Technologie und das Unheimliche (Technology and the Scary).

In 2014 he was a fellow at Akademie Schloss Solitude in the framework of the exchange program with the József Attila Circle of young hungarian writers.

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