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Sandfuge (Sand fugue)
German, Hungarian
144 pages
15 EUR

Poems (translated from the Hungarian by Orsolya Kalász/Monika Rinck)

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In a cathedral, a Burger King and a coffee house, on the backseat of a taxi, while beheading a fish or scrubbing the floor, the characters in István László Geher’s poems are always in search of something. They search for God, for themselves, for their places and pathways in this world. Geher weaves the desires, hopes and fears described in his poems with biblical stories and Greek myths and thus moves beyond a concrete social, religious or literary context. The frame that he creates for his poems is much more one of a myth that keeps moving forward and that keeps being written; a myth of humanity and being humane.

István László Geher, born in 1972 in Budapest, Hungary, studied English and Romance languages and earned a doctoral degree with a work on Hungarian metrics. His translations of Philip Larkin, Emily Dickinson, William Shakespeare, W.B. Yeats and Ted Hughes have appeared in literary magazines and poetry collections. In 2008, Geher participated in an exchange program between the Akademie Schloss Solitude and József Attila Circle in Budapest.