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Teiresias' Geständnisse (Teiresias' Confessions)
German, Hungarian
136 pages
15 EUR

translated from the Hungarian by Orsolya Kalász, Monika Rinck, and Timea Tankó

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»In keeping with tradition, András Gerevich is averse to any staginess, any rhetoric. The tone of his poems is factual, almost rough. Their calm scares, because they deal with first and last things: birth, childhood, death, and transience of life. They speak about traumata concerning with the family and the secret of the own body. András Gerevich is a master at touching deepest emotions, perhaps because of his restrained language, or – more precisely – because it attempts to control.« Joachim Sartorius

András Gerevich, born 1976 in Budapest/Hungary, studied English Literature and Creative Writing in the USA. His third degree is in Screenwriting from the National Film and Television School in England. He already published three books of poetry in his native Hungarian and published widely in journals. His work has been translated into over a dozen languages. Besides poems, András Gerevich also writes scripts and plays. He publishes essays and translates English-speaking poets, including Seamus Heaney and Frank O’Hara, and a book by the filmmaker David Lynch. Now he is freelance, working as a poet, screenwriter, translator, and journalist.