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Das dänische Puder (The Danish powder)
Hungarian, German
112 pages
15 EUR

translated from Englisch by Orsolya Kalász

»Uncle Cucu often slapped Roró and afterwards cut her hair, saying that by shoulder-length they perish anyway.«

Like her short films Petra Szöcs' poems are personal and intimate. They revolve the issue family with all its beautiful and dark sides and reflect the social relations. Parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts are the protagonists oft he ironic-melancholic milieu study and dreamlike-surreal daily routine, in which strange, disturbing moments undercut the familiar atmosphere and security and cruelty are close to each other.

Das dänische Puder presents a selection of the author's lyrical work translated by Orsolya Kalász including poems, that evolved during Petra Szöcs’ fellowship at Akademie Schloss Solitude.

Petra Szöcs, born in 1981 in Cluj-Napoca/Romania, lives and works as poet, screenwriter and film director in Budapest. Her widely received short films were shown at international film festivals. In 2013 she published her first volume of poems Kétvízköz with Magvető edition and received in 2014 a price for best primary publication. In 2015 Petra Szöcs was a participant in the exchange program between Akademie Schloss Solitude and Hungarian writers of the József Attila Circle (JAK) in Budapest.