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Unangebrachte Direktheit
German, English
128 pages
15 EUR

Aus dem Englischen von Nicolai Kobus

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Aaron Kunin’s poems are characterized by shocking proximity and cooly distance, captivating and absent at the same time. The German translation of the volume of poetry by Nicolai Kobus introduces a representative selection of Kunin’s lyrical work which was published between 2005 and 2014 at Fence Books.

In the area of tension between divinity and mishap, romantic love and physical attraction, the poems of Kunin illuminate the own longings and inadequacies with sharp intelligence and linguistic strictness. Instead of concrete characters a complex system of bad habits and ingenious wordplays arises, which may be nothing less than a »Erfindung einer Maschine, die die Sehnsucht verbirgt« (invention of a machine which hides the longings).   

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