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Alles, was ich über Zahlen weiß
144 pages
15 EUR

translated from English by David Frühauf

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One long hot summer, Eveline drowns a wasps’ nest, and while digging among the tiny corpses makes a sinister discovery. A university professor arrives unannounced at the door of an Arizona fortune-teller, little knowing how this woman will alter his life. A sudden spate of disappearing newborns terrifies a young mother. As the Prussian army encroaches, the besieged city of Paris asks an enormous sacrifice of its city zookeeper. And over a Coca-Cola in an Andalusian village bar, a woman hears from a stranger the worst thing a mother can do. 

The characters in Clare Wigfall’s first collection of stories are all searching for something missing. As they go about their seemingly ordinary lives, the dark undercurrent of life, with all its complications and imperfections, is gradually revealed. Skillfully wrought and perfectly pitched, the stories have been acclaimed as the work of a prodigious talent. 

Clare Wigfall, born 1976 in Greenwich, England currently lives in Berlin after long during residencies in London, Berkeley, Prague and Edinburgh. Her first collection of stories The Loudest Sound and Nothing was published at Faber and Faber in 2007. For the story The Numbers she won the BBC National Short Story Award in 2006. From April until November 2017 she was a fellow at Akademie Schloss Solitude and worked on a new collection of stories and a novel.