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programEastern European Network
Polonia Bytom

The leitmotif of this carefully composed narrative of photographs and collages by Anna Okrasko, Justyna Chmielewska, and Joanna Bębenek is states of movement and stagnation, and the relationships between them. The basic themes of this visual tale are fluctuation and precariousness (précarité), both overarching principles of contemporary life, and a memento of the notion of urbanity. 

Actress (Work) in Progress
An Intellectual Striptease
In 2004, the audience of Akademie Schloss Solitude was asked to choose between ten photographs of theatrical tableaux from not-yet-existing plays on the Internet; the sketch with the highest number of votes was made into a scene. The structure of the Actress (Work) in Progress theatre project is thus very simple. At the same time it is realized through several layers of performing, working with the audience, and conceptualization of theatre.