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disciplineMusic / Sound
Widerstand (Resistance)
January 2007
The duo Chris Heenan (analog synthesizer) and Michael Vorfeld (lightbulbs) is a new project by the two artists where they generate electric and acoustic sounds. After numerous live performances in Germany their audio-visual work can now be experienced on the CD Widerstand.
Team Up
January 2007
Instrumental music of the trio Jeremy Drake (guitar), Michael Vorfeld (percussion, string instrument) and Chris Heenan (alto saxophone, contrabass clarinet) can be experienced on the CD »Team Up«.
Electronic sounds that develop in a slow and yet vibrant manner function as a dynamic frame for active listening and a frame for silence as a spiritual mirror of the now and the self. Perhaps this CD could be titled »Silence« too.
New Conventions of Behavior
January 2005
New Music provides soundscapes that surpass other genres by far in variation, density and timbre. This abundance of new timbres and gestures requires the listener to actively build an individual framework for the understanding of sounds.
Musica per Camera
SurPlus live auf Solitude (SurPlus live at Solitude)

Compositions of Marc André, Oliver Augst, Stefan Bartling, Alvaro Carlevaro, Frank Cox, Chaya Czernowin, Babette Koblenz, Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf, Jörg Mainka, Erik Oña, Charlotte Seither, Andreas Stahl.

Blind Date
Chamber Music 1 (1988–92)