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Kein Messer ohne Rose/No hay cuchillos sin rosas (No Knife without a Rose)
December 2006
Three years after founding Eloisa Cartonera, a two-part chronicle of the publishing house tells its story with photos, commentaries, reportages, interviews, drawings, comics and collages. The first part of the book is designed by Argentinean designers and visual artists. The second consists of an anthology of texts and authors published by Eloisa Cartonera.
L’année dernière à Solitude (Last Year At Solitude)
November 2006
This two-part performance project, by three Belgrade theater creators, emerged at the beginning of 2006: Referring to the Renais film L’année dernière à Marienbad, L’ánnee dernière à Solitude summarized the past year at Solitude. Various strategies, techniques and the glamour of the Resnais film were the points of departure for the experiment, which the artists realized in two phases.
10. October 2006
Parallel to the publication of the new poetry collection brinnen by Anja Utler, which appeared in fall 2006 in the Edition Korrespondenzen, the Akademie Schloss Solitude published a very special poetry audio book under the same title: Anja Utler recites her poems herself, liberating the printed word from its paper prison.
The House That Herman Built
September 2006
The House That Herman Built project is an attempt to give a prisoner virtual freedom. Herman Joshua Wallace has spent the past 34 years of his life in solitary confinement in the Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola, USA, one of the country’s largest prisons. Jackie Sumell has been in close postal correspondence with Wallace since April 2001. This publication is a documentation of the five-year correspondence consisting of hundreds of letters, drawings and photographs.
Klopfzeichen. Leuchtfeuer. Rauchsignale. (Knocks. Beacons. Smoke Signals.)
July 2006

After the much-lauded premiere of the text "Klopfzeichen. Leuchtfeuer. Rauchsignale." (Knocks, beacons, smoke signals) in December 2003 at the Akademie Schloss Solitude, this audio piece was recorded a year and a half later with the same cast. In connection with music especially composed for the project, the recording plumbs the text’s depth with the necessary levity and skillfully inserted details. The listener follows the characters to where they send their signals – whether as calls to the wind on the top of a skyscraper or as a bomb in the center of power.

Yearbook 8
Was machen Sie dort am Schloss? (What is it that you do there in the castle?)
June 2006
Almost Architecture

"Almost Architecture" is an amalgamation of architectural projects and political texts focusing on the impossibility to forge the future of space in post-communist country through classical architectural means and education. The book, in a form of essays about "contributions to globalisation" and speculative projects for "better future" of a community explores the vacuum of practice that is posed to the current generation of architects in Serbia today.

Winter Garden/Jardín de invierno

The postcard book is Navarrete’s visual diary on his work at Solitude in the winter of 2004. Intended to be a visual trip for the reader, the individual cards can be folded out and sent.