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Taking the Figure of the Extra in Cinema Production as a Metaphor
EXTRA WORK is an invitation to a journey into the hyper-real world of moving images where no familiar thing should be taken for granted. It can be seen as a meditation and critical analysis on the language of cinema and its influences on contemporary culture. The publication gathers four art projects (photographs, graphics and video works) by Krassimir Terziev that elaborate on specific procedures of film production.
Sometimes I Whisper In The Wind Until I Hear You
In her catalog Sometimes I Whisper In The Wind Until I Hear You – Chinese Kites, Japanese Ghosts and Other Flying Devices, Ingrid Hora presents the results of her artistic experiments with rituals that connect people to the sky, in which she tells stories of loneliness, the need to hide and the desire to reach out. The artist has produced elegant and functional objects, that are not necessarily airborne, but that intensify dreams of flying.
Yearbook 9
Von etwas, das nie aufhört (Of something that never stops)
2008 - July 2008
The new yearbook came out just in time for the summer festival. »Von etwas das nie aufhört« [Of something that never stops] documents the past two years’ activities with contributions from fellows in photos, reports and images. The book was designed in Buenos Aires and produced on the hand press in the Eloísa Cartonera’s print workshop, where each copy was individually painted and bound.
City + War. A trip to Sarajevo
2008 - December 2008
Under the title City + War, Annett Zinsmeister assembles a wide range of photographs, drawings and essays. Since the beginning of human history, dwellings and cities served to protect citizens and deter enemies. In light of the increasing threat that wars, attacks and catastrophes represent to our cities, however, the fundamental question remains whether major urban centers in the 20th and 21st centuries can offer their residents adequate protection and security.