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Light Is a Kind of Rhythm
December 2009
Light Is a Kind of Rhythm provides a speculative history of cinema: Alena Williams investigates the relationship of light and moving images from an early moment in the history of film to that of the present day. She assumes that contemporary artists like Jan Hammer, Jutta Koether, Andreas Wutz, Die Tödliche Doris, and Matthias Müller return to a 1920s-style engagement with cinema.
The study TOURISM | DISPERSION | CAMOUFLAGE, by the Chilean architect Luciano Basauri and the Croatian designer Dafne Berc, deals with mass tourism as a continually expanding industry and societal phenomenon, whose negative side effects allow a rift to form between tourists and the residents of destination countries. Here, the authors are less concerned with the present condition than to present new ways of reading the dis-course on tourism’s developments, and to reveal new solution strategies.
The Light House
2009 - October 2009
In his comic book The Light House, the Indonesian artist and designer Popok Tri Wahyudi both plumbs the nature of a collective work process among artists, and creates a visual study of communication in an artistic think tank.
Mediating Space
soft geometries – textile structures – body architecture
2009 - October 2009
With her projects, Gabi Schillig has developed a language and a system that renews our thinking about the interaction between body, space and movement in a refreshing way. Whether in the urban context, within existing spaces or outdoors, Schillig develops felt objects that can simultaneously be garments, living space and communications devices.