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The architecture of Sibin Djordjević and Milena Stanković Djordjević

Aleksandar Bede examines the work of the architects Sibin Djordjević and Milena Stanković Djordjević. The couple who were the first post-war generation of Yugoslav modernists moved to Stuttgart/Germany in 1963 to spend the rest of their careers there.

On the River, Down Where They Found Willy Brown

The story of an immigrant boy who's caught up in a race riot and lynching, based on events surrounding the Omaha Race Riot of 1919. While trying to find a safe place in the world after being exiled from his home during a global war, Karel Miihlstein is caught in a singular historical moment and one of America’s most tragic episodes. 

8 Tutorial Diversions, 2009–2014

After a century of artists’ experimentation with sonic materials and at a moment when the means sonic manipulation and distribution are more readily available than ever before, what else can we do with music?

And I think I like it.

Writer, performer and visual artist, and newborn opera project initiator, Danielle Adair presented her show And I Think I Like It within the space of Akademie Schloss Solitude in May 2014. The exhibition included a collection of thirteen video-song-poems that combine animation, sound, and text, and provide insight into Adair’s complex body of work. This publication documents the exhibition with pictures of her work and corresponding texts to the »sound poems«.

Solitude Atlas

The Solitude Atlas is published in time for the 25 year anniversary of Akademie Schloss Solitude, which celebrates its jubilee with this special publication. Former and current fellows describe in 145 contributions the city they are currently living. By this a very special atlas was created, which confesses to a subjective view of the world. With this publication, the Akademie hopes to convey something of the knowledge and experience it has been able to glean by virtue of its many guests and fellows. The Solitude Atlas, then, reflects the Akademie’s panoramic view of what is happening in the world and expresses its personal relationship with the authors.